Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Future

Sometimes in life we can't help but wonder where we will find ourselves sooner or later and i think the problem with me is that i over think about it too much.
To be honest, im still not sure of what i want. I don't know if im really sure of what i wanna take up in college, im not sure of my feelings, heck sometimes im not even sure if i wanna continue but the fact is, im not sure of anything in my life yet.

I can't find myself somewhere permanent yet, im replaceable and that's scaring me and as i sit here, typing out the words i can't say, im scared of what's next because i look around and i see friends who are sure of what they want and can see themselves doing something they love and yet when i look at myself, i see an indecisive young girl who just wants to go out and see the world, understand and feel happiness.

Im scared and to be honest, the time when i have to choose college, what path i take and most importantly what comes next for me is coming and i am honestly scared. I distract myself with the things i love the most in life and try to enjoy it but somehow, something from the back of my head haunts me cause im not sure of what i want and where i wanna be. I just hope someday im gonna be sure of what i want and find myself where i am important but in the mean time, i will cling on the things that make me happy and would distract me from the future.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Saturday Adventures

Today has been a day full of lovely and funny adventures with my best friend and my whole family.

Today, i was supposedly going to take college forms at La Salle and Ateneo only to find out that La Salle's form was only available online and so we decided to go to Ateneo but under some funny circumstances we got really lost today and ended up at Intramuros 

We were looking for Ateneo which i was supposedly going to get a form for college at but we changed our minds when we found out the Ateneo at Intramuros was moved a long time ago ( Oh the things you learn)

So after asking for directions and stuff, we decided to go to Eastwood which i have been wanting to go to for some time now because there was this store called Built By Sonic which sells band merch from the USA there and on the way we also got a tad lost and got stuck in some heavy traffic at QC

Heavy traffic
But after 2 hours of sitting in the car, stuck in traffic and following the map on my iPhone we somehow made it to Eastwood and we decided to head to Built By Sonic first where i bought myself a new The Maine shirt and the AP Warped issue 

my mom checking out some merch at Built By Sonic

Holding my new merch proudly at Built By Sonic
Photo by: Roanne Garcia
 After i got my merch my family, Roanne and I decided to hang just a little bit at Eastwood

And after getting lost at the mall, we decided to head home, but only after we dropped Roanne off

And after parting ways with my best friend we went to Blue Wave and ate dinner

 And after that we went home, i guess that ends my long Saturday Adventure blog, so i guess im gonna end this with what i got at Built By Sonic today. Have a great night!

Love is Drugs shirt and a Warped Tour Special magazine

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


I guess, i have to speak for myself now but here goes nothing.

As i sit here asking myself why im gonna put this up, i know in the back of my head that the answer is because i've had my own experience of anonymous hate too so i guess i just want to say my thoughts, after all this is my blog.

Now, as the title says, Anonymous.
It's easy to go tell people to Kill themselves anonymously or hating other people because you know in the back of your head, you are anonymous and no one is gonna know who you are but let's be honest and ask ourselves first "Why?".
Why do we have to tell people to kill themselves in the first place?
Does it ever occur to you that maybe your words whether you are at the internet could trigger someone's emotions to make them feel low and make them wanna kill themselves?
It's easy to do things anonymously but not in front of anyone because you know that people will hate you if you do it in front, you could be responsible for their death if they know you're telling someone to kill themselves up close so you go anonymously and say it there because maybe just maybe, in the back of your head you're saying it's just in the internet, but no, whether you are anonymously telling people to kill themselves or telling them up front you are still responsible.

What is the point of making people feel low? 
That little joy you feel for making people feel low will fade one way or another but the damage you do to a person will not, so maybe before telling someone horrible things anonymously or not in the internet, please think about what you'll say to them first.

As i type this, i hope that whoever reads this or whatever could consider the words that come out of them first before saying it, i know we're all not perfect and sometimes we can't help but hurt other people but there is really no point in making people feel low, being nice to people is a good thing and if you're nice, things will go back nicely for you, don't forget that.

The Rainy Day Sessions

The rainy days are here and so are classes suspension because of the storm, i guess i could never go wrong listening to my favorite band in this kind of situation, stay safe everyone! 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Mail

After a bad day at school it's always nice to come home to a surprise, mostly if that surprise is finally getting the package you ordered online!

So, today i got my RadioDriveBy Afterglow EP from the mail which you can buy online or at some Astroplus branches if you're from the Philippines. Anyways, here is a look on the new RadioDriveBy EP

Be sure to go check RadioDriveBy out and if you like them be sure to get a copy of Afterglow!

Anyways, i didn't just get home to my RDB EP waiting for me but also for my new phone cases from Esoteric Owl (be sure to check them out on facebook or instagram: esotericowl)

My phone looks very great all thanks to these cases and i can't wait to use them! Anyways, i hope you enjoyed reading this month's first update! 

Happy first of July! Xx