Monday, October 20, 2014

Love is Drugs

Earlier today was my Physics exam and i had no sleep as for the reason that i was studying all night; anyways, today i did a little shoot with my cousin as for the reason that i am in love, yes let me highlight that IN LOVE with my newest pair of Boots

As a girl with lots of shoes ((i'll give you guys a tour soon, don't worry)) it always makes me happy whenever a new baby arrives and the newest addition to the family are two boots from Rusty Lopez one im wearing above and the other to be featured in a future shoot. Anyways, these boots are one of my biggest treasure as of the moment because i have been searching for these babies for some time now and even went mall hopping just to find it because the first mall i went to had no sizes and these babies brought out my inner punk helping me express my love for music even more with my outfit.

Anyways, here's some photos for the shoot, which kind of happened quick. The shoot actually was impromptu and was actually unintentional that's why the bags under my eyes are ridiculously horrible here ((like i said, all nighter for my Physics exams earlier)).

Well, without further ado, here are the finals photos from the shoot

I guess after seeing what im wearing, it's pretty obvious as where the title of this post came from anyways, have a great day guys!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

British Invasion

Yesterday the selling for tickets for The 1975 and The Vamps began, i was one of the people who went in line early to get a ticket. At 9am, i was at SM Bacoor already in line to get a ticket and just my luck, i got tickets thanks to my aunt and my mom!

So i guess i'll see you guys there!!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Ran off in the Night

Today i went out to settle some stuff and went to the mall with my mom and then i decided to try some new stuff for my outfit ((outfit post on lookbook soon))

Then my mom got me a Candy magazine because of The Vamps

Anyways, hope you guys had / have a good Sunday!!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

We The Kings 6|7|14

Okay, so im gonna start this first with a little note of apology for taking too long to upload this.
So uhm, hey guys, im sorry this blog post took some time i have been pretty busy with school for months and have only found time to update now, so here goes.

Last June 6 i was hopeless and i knew in myself that i was gonna miss We The Kings again because
A.) i didn't have a ticket
B.)  i was broke
so i really had no chance of going but then suddenly this happened

I won a contest last minute called Happee Hour which ms, Happee of Pulp Live World hosted on twitter and luckily i was one of the winners ((of two tickets to see We The Kings)) and that was how i got the chance to see We The Kings!

The morning started with lots of excitement and also a lot of nervous coffee breaks, have i mentioned that i won the last minute contest at almost 2am? Probably not, so yeah there was lots of coffee break during the morning because i couldn't sleep.

I left the house around 9 and went to Glorietta with my brother but sadly he was getting late for work so i had to take the bus all by myself from Baclaran to Glorietta and there i waited for Roanne but then she was gonna arrive late because she had a medical exam so i had to travel to North Edsa by myself ((which was pretty scary because it was actually my first time riding a train without an adult with me))

Supposedly i was going to their hotel to join some of my friends who was stalking so i took a taxi from Glorietta to there but they called me because i got stuck in traffic that i should head to North Edsa so i went down the taxi and took a train from Buendia to North

There, i went down at Trinoma and went to North Edsa by myself and later on was joined by my friends

After a few hours they let us all in and i was at the barricades for the Bleachers' section where i enjoyed the rest of the night with the rest of my friends

We The Kings Live in Manila 2014

And that was how my crazy experience of seeing We The Kings live happened, it was full of fun and excitement to be honest and i just wanna thank We the Kings for being so kind and fun, the concert had reminded me of how fun it was to enjoy a band and not take that many pictures, honestly We The Kings was one of the greatest bands i have saw in my entire life, with songs that makes you wanna dance and sing from the top of your lungs, what's there to worry about?
It was fun to see them for the first time and i can't wait to see them again soon.

Anyways, that's that, hope you managed to see how fun that day filled with many first for me went, with love Shane X

08|31|14 Bazooka Rocks

This year's Bazooka Rocks was amazing as usual, with bands like Echosmith, The Summer Set, We Are The In Crowd and You Me At Six highlighting the festival for me, Bazooka Rocks 3 was one for the books although i only got to attend Day 2 because i upgraded my pre-sale ticket to PR to meet The Summer Set and You Me At Six, i ended up meeting all the four bands i mentioned earlier!

But the day began with some lots of dilemma, choosing what to wear to choosing hairstyles was the biggest dilemma for me, i didn't even ate breakfast because i was so excited for the festival so i left the house at 10 and got there within 20 minutes!

After an hour or something they let us in, and i got the cool wristbands! 

And a cool ID lace!

And after a few hours of waiting they let us in, and so the fun starts!

They let the PR people in first and i was with my friend Gervie who was a PR for The Summer Set and we hurriedly went inside and ran to the booth where they sold FPs where i bought an Echosmith m&g pass and then later on got to meet the 4 cuties again ((who were extremely nice and had remembered me from the Venice Piazza show!!))

After that i rode around the venue on this baby:

Then had a little fun with the theme

Then, after that i met The Summer Set but sadly, no photos were allowed so i had no selfie with them but they did signed my notebook so after that i went with my friends for a while and thought maybe i should get a We Are The In Crowd pass and they told me why not? So i went back to the booth and bought a pass to meet them and i got a selfie with all of them and even made a friend at the line!

After that, i enjoyed Echosmith's set 

And then lined up to meet You Me At Six a little while after. No photos were also allowed during the m&g, only signing was allowed so i took this shot of Chris, Matt and Max.

After my m&g with the guys, i ran straight to the pit to get barricades for The Summer Set and so i did:

It was my first time seeing The Summer Set and although they're on my Top 5 favorite bands list, this was my first time and i have honestly enjoyed their set which was filled with lots of dancing and a little crying mostly when they played Legendary. Amazing how much The Summer Set has made me happy about being alive to experience their performance and honestly as i type right now, i am still speechless over their performance at Bazooka Rocks and i am hanging on to their promise that they are coming back to Manila again soon.

Now after The Summer Set's set, We Are The In Crowd went next!

It was my first time also seeing We Are The In Crowd and after i saw them i realized that i truly love this band no matter what rumors i heard, they are amazing and have been kind to me and that to me is what matters. They were amazing and i loved their whole set honestly and i would love to see them again soon.

After We Are The In Crowd, the highlight of my whole night was up.
Up next was You Me At Six and after years of holding on to their promise, when they entered the stage tears started to form around my eyes because i have been waiting to see them for some time now and there i was at the barricades in front of one of my few band guy crushes, Max Helyer, watching them perform for the very first time

To me, it still seemed like a dream because after all these years of waiting they were finally there performing and i was just in front watching and it had honestly opened my eyes over how worth it, it was to finally see them live

And as You Me At Six ended the night with their set, i realized how lucky i am for being there not only did i finally saw some of my favorite bands in one roof that night, i also forgot about my worries.

And that's the thing with concerts or festivals like this, for once i forgot about my worries and all those stuff i have to do tomorrow. It's like magic, the feeling, everything and i wish that i could repeat the whole night all over again. That night, was magical and although i had a performance after that night early in the morning at school, i screamed my lungs out and sang along to the songs that have made me feel alive and that for me was important because i felt whole and i don't feel this kind of feelings anymore everyday, unlike before so definitely Bazooka Rocks 3 was one for the books.


For more photos at Bazooka Rocks 3 Day 2, check my blog out

Anyways till next time, Shane X